Hi guys! Here’s a compilation of my 5 super cool DIY origami paper Minecraft craft ideas for you to make at home. 00:00 – How to Make Origami Minecraft Tissue Box 05:07 – How to [More]
Link to download creeper http://minecraftpapercraft.com/papercraft/501cffc45724ae3565000004/mini-creeper Tags: Minecraft Papercraft how to make great quallity creeper glue scissors pencil MrAxoder
#Minecraft #DIY #Papercraft #PixelPapercraft #SneSivan Download – https://www.pixelpapercraft.com/papercraft/4f1b1e856f923f8035000004/skeleton
Here’s an idea on how to make your own cake toppers. This video is specific to Minecraft Cake Toppers but we’ll upload more tutorial videos with different characters. Here are the materials you’ll need for [More]
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In this episode of Craft Time with Arlo, follow along as Arlo shows us how to make a Minecraft chest using a card board box!
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Throw the best Minecraft party ever with this Minecraft party DIY! These mining kits were a total hit! The kids were obsessed! They “mined” for precious gemstones for almost 45 minutes! They were so excited! [More]