Origami MINECRAFT Paper Squishy (DIY paper fidget toy)

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Hi guys! Let me show you how to make origami Minecraft paper squishy toy. Try it and make some for your friends,. It’s cute and fun DIY paper fidget toy.

What you need:
– 7.5cm X 7.5cm paper
– A4 paper
– markers
– double sided tape
– cotton / tissue paper for stuffing

Have fun and thanks for watching!

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Kyrie Trilles says:


Jaydentendo says:

What is the blue one?

Jaydentendo says:

Cotton doesn’t help

Andrej Andrej says:

pop noice

-mocha_moe- says:

Copy from Polly’s Origami

lishi tv with lithu says:


Joyu's Craft world says:

Nice ????????

Eliza Ignacio says:

I love fidjets always i have many many colection of fidjets i have 105 fidjets????????????????

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