How to DIY Minecraft Slime Cube Squishy Silicone Nano Tape Tutorial

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Hey everyone! This is PolymomoTea and for today’s video I have a how to make/diy/craft/sculpt this cute/kawaii little VIRAL Minecraft Slime Cube Squishyout of polymer clay and silicone tape tape ball

You will need polymer clay: an oven bake clay that hardens once baked according to instructions. Commons brands I use are fimo, sculpey and premo. Bought from Michaels, Hobby Lobby or Joanns or Amazon. Air dry clay works just as well.

You will also need: SLIME, food coloring

Silicone / nano Tape, double sided.

***Please refer to my FAQ Playlist for tricks, tips and tools

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Jasminemay Medinamoronggonzales says:

Please make angry birds next time squishy

Panduh 13ear says:

What if you only made the hard pieces for the black squares for the slime's face and filled the majority of it with green slime?

Angel Espino says:

You have to sell those bro

Mommycreeper Straw says:

I love dis video

BRANDON'S AND Dads gaming channel says:

It's cool because the eyes before you added the slime are accurate with the model! The in game model uses black eyes and mouth then adds a green glass effect or something

Isaac Cast says:

I really want you to make a kitty cube Minecraft kitty I want you to make the black one just choose which ever one you want

Van Nhuan Tran says:

Minecraft slime wattttts?mini hahaha????

Рябуха Анастасія says:

Amazing ????

ANGRY_Noob says:

what happened to your hands?….

Emma Cheng says:

Can yu please make a mincraft enderman plz

Havva Nur İrim says:

Slime cube ????????????????????

Kinga Danisewicz says:


milki cnlg says:

Hello alex!! ????

My Computer says:

I like it !

-RandomThings- says:

Does slime smell bad?

Rennie Seyhakrith says:

When you buy the elmers glue and some food coloring on it you are like making homemade slime

voice from the shadows says:

i love this sm!!!!

narcysik11 says:

Its so cute the little slime

Lily Fox says:

This is so cute i love your projects ☺

Lily Fox says:

Questions : Where can I buy the tape your using ? Im new so i dont know if you've explained already

MacaroniTheDragon says:

I wanna buy this.

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