Scratch: 2D Minecraft (Easy) Tutorial (Ep.1)

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This tutorial shows a 2D Minecraft game with a static cloning system. It is much easier to create than the 2D Minecraft game using tile scrolling.
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Thu Hằng Huỳnh Thị says:

thank you very much

Scratch Forever says:

Hi guys! I make tutorials on Scratch! Let's create cool games and Minecraft also!

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Muhammad Mashood Khan says:

What kind of scratch do you use

梁世源 says:

Scratch cat

Kozas FN says:

wow thanks this minecraft code is fun and i got a on my coding class

weegie334 says:

interesting aproch, I use a scrolling stamped tile engine

6 Crazy Bros says:

thank you so much!! this really helped me with my game!:D

mr. robox says:

thank you! you are the best teacher

Average_ Melon says:

For the "Crosshair" you can make it size 12 if it's not working correctly

Om Patil says:

Thank You @Mattant

Inistones Vlogs says:

Mine Is Not coming like All the stone Blocks Are not Appearing at Once

Padma Pogula says:

actullay how did u go into turbomode?

Padma Pogula says:

i cant get grass

Tech world says:

how did you made the grass
i means where is that option i can't find it

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