Life-Sized Minecraft Spider (Remote Controlled!) 💀 DIY Halloween Props

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Jaimie and Jay make a remote controlled, real life Minecraft Spider that goes 20mph!



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We’ve been playing Minecraft since beta and we’ve always wanted to build stuff from it in real life. Our house has a bit of a spider theme for Halloween, so we thought a life size, real life Minecraft spider would be the perfect fit. To make it even cooler, we made it remote controlled so that it can chase the neighborhood kids and it goes SUPER FAST. We made our real life Minecraft spider out of pink insulation foam so that it’s light but sturdy. We also matched the size and colors to the Minecraft game exactly so this is as close to a IRL Minecraft Spider that we’ve seen!

We build loads of DIY Halloween Props and this Real Life Minecraft Spider is going to be an awesome addition!

RC Car –
1″ XPS Foam
Black Latex paint –
Acrylic Paints (4 shades of grey, white & black)
Clear Gorilla Glue –
LED Lights –
Bluetooth Speaker –
Blue Painter’s Tape –

Elegoo Saturn S 3D Printer –
Elegoo Red Resin –
Utility Knife –
Detail Paint Brush –
Chip Brush –
Hot Glue Gun –

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Wicked Makers says:

This was so much fun haha 😆 Thanks for watching!

Samantha Dean says:

This was hilarious!!! I loved the kid’s reactions!!!

Sean Cannon says:

This one turned out amazing! Great job guys!

Forby says:

dang ya'll this is SO COOL

Julli Giles says:

That is so so cool!!!! Love it ❤️ my grandsons would go crazy over that!

Gaia's Guardian says:

Oh man, that speaker with the sound effects makes the magic.

Brent Fowler says:

One word. – AWESOME!!

kCherry says:

Good Spider Gods, this was cute!! 😂🥰🕷️


I wonder if pixel stencils would help make the painting faster. I was thinking about painters tape as well, but that would likely peel existing painted areas off of the foam.

Addy L says:

as a prop maker, minecraft player, and halloween lover- THIS IS SO COOL!

The Rookie cop says:

If one of you doesn't dress up as steve from minecraft I'm gonna be dissapointed.

Joel Macha says:

I wonder if making a square stencil would make it faster to paint. Or building up the layers (gray to black) with a set of stencils or blocking it off with tape.

scot60 says:

Hooray! That’s greatness. I want y’all as my neighbor. I’ll help you set up.

rayrayent702 says:

Great job guys my daughter an I love it. Now she wants one lol. I told her she has to wait until Wicked starts mass producing them in there factory. There's an idea open up a factory an spread the fun? We love watching you video an again amazing job 👏

B.A. McClucky says:

The race made me screech with laughter. this is delightfully funny. Thanks guys

T Can says:

Coolest neighbor ever

Emily Alice says:


woodbut1 says:

SO cool, looks like a lot of fun….keep on making….

TheFlatulentCow says:

Love you guys and the stuff you make. Keep it coming! 🎃

Jane Houck says:

The kids were having a great time. What fun 👍🤗

Racheal Gets Creative says:

Loved watching the kids freak out over that. Fun!!

June Ritchie says:

The squeals say it all! 🥰 Thanks for the inspiration and techniques.

Matt Hyland says:

I want to move to your neighbourhood

MrsC B says:

I have serious arachnophobia so I’ve had to skip the last video… but this one was safe-ish 😉 So creative!!🧡🖤🧡

The Glitching Hour says:

This is the sort of spider content we can get behind. Incredible build ya'll! Good advice on the crate full of bones, that's a good use of bone crates! Also, that resin printer is beautiful!

daniel wesley says:

It would be awesome if someone made a Minecraft maze/haunt with something like this.

Ethan Carter Designs says:

So awesome as always guys! Love it!

The Holiday Workshop - DIY Holiday Decor says:

Wow! 😍 My son absolutely loves everything Minecraft so I'm making Minecraft themed Christmas decorations for him this year. But now I think I might need to make some Minecraft Halloween decorations too 🤩🕷️🎃

turd ferguson says:

I think we know who the fun parents are on this street !

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