How to Make a Minecraft Grass Block Cake

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How to make a Minecraft grass block cake step by step. Make it in a jiffy using buttercream frosting and store-bought cake mixes. This easy Minecraft cake has no fondant, and it’s perfect for a birthday party.




2 square chocolate cakes
3 cups chocolate buttercream frosting
12 Peanut Butter Oreos
3 cups buttercream frosting, colored green


1. Bake 2 square cakes, using 10″x10″ cake pans and following recipe/cake mix instructions.
2. While the cakes are baking, mix up both the regular buttercream frosting and the chocolate buttercream.
3. The regular buttercream icing needs to be colored green, so add enough green food color until satisfied with the shade you have.
4. When the cakes have cooled, place one cake on a 12-inch square cake board that’s been wrapped in white freezer paper.
5. Optional but very helpful step at this point: Slice the rounded top off of the cakes with a cake slicer/leveler. This helps the cakes to have a flatter shape and makes it easier to decorate them.
6. Spread a portion of the chocolate buttercream frosting on top of that cake.
7. Then sandwich the two cakes together.
8. Make the rest of the chocolate buttercream frosting look more like dirt and mud by crushing up the Peanut Butter Oreos and mixing them in with the frosting.
9. Spread the chocolate buttercream “dirt” frosting on the sides of the cake, working your way around.
10. Using a grass tip, add the grass with the green buttercream frosting. Make sure the icing is thin enough to easily squeeze through the grass tip, or it will be very difficult. The Wilton website gives a great tutorial for how to create the grass, but basically, just squeeze the pastry bag to create each little patch of grass, and then pull up or away.
11. When finished, decorate your masterpiece with candles or whatever your heart desires. Tip: I do recommend refrigerating this cake before/after serving.

For a cupcake version of this cake, try this recipe:

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10-Inch Square Cake Pan:
Cake Boards:
Cake Leveler:
Icing Spatula:
Pastry Bags:
Large Grass Icing Tip:
Birthday Cake Candles:


melissa rolfe says:

there are dairy free cake mix at our local stores

Yolo Coco says:

Yo YNW Melly Handcuffs, i actually saw this in my elementary school cafeteria. Thought it was gonna be the shit, but instead gave me a deadly dose of explosive diarrhea. Im here to tell you to Please warn others of the dangers of eating dirt. It is not good to eat so be careful yall

Patricia Koester says:

Very Cool Mel !!
My Grandson would like this!!

Teresa Basinger says:

I've lost my tip before. Thought I was the only one. Glad to see it happens to others too! I think I will use this for Easter and scatter jellybeans around, and stand a chocolate bunny in the center! Thanks Mel!! 💞

Christy Machala says:

Hi Mel! That was fun to watch. My grandson is six and doesn’t play video games. But this could be used for lots of other themes I think. Thanks so much for sharing. I always enjoy your videos.

Lori Brooks says:

My grandkids would love this cake! Thanks Mel!

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