How to Build an insane TNT cannon in Minecraft.

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Have you ever wanted a TNT cannon that you can never stop shooting? Well, this video will teach you how to build one!

(THIS IS A IMPROVED CANNON FROM THE LAST VIDEO, but harder to build and easier to shoot)

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S307 says:

Bad,i'm better

Degtyarev says:

How is this insane

Shadøw Anims says:

Its not that bad but i see see more bigger like how a rapids tnt cannons make a huge hole

Debajani Sen says:

I can’t put red stone dusk in the dispenser

Muhamad Arief Fahmi Kamarulzaman says:

for me just use ladder is farther

Sleep Rage says:

Why do you punch sheep like that lol maybe your secretly a sheep hunter

eugeneman18 says:

Most time waiting intro 😒😒

Smileyouron says:

If you weren't to change the redstone repeater it can blow up on it's self and if like being the villain no one will find the evedence (note- I can't spell every well )

Charlie Remond Biescas says:

This video is cringe

voiddv says:

In a tutorial you should not be learning the thing that you are teaching. I disliked this video because you are learning how to make the cannon while you are teaching it. Also the vid is too long. But the cannon is great.

Kenzu says:

lol you bad at redstone

Jun Wang says:

mine is insane

Jun Wang says:

ha not insane look at my video posssibly the best tnt cannon in minecraft look up my channel coppergolem

Herobrinemaster999 says:

here is a better one that shoots up to a 1132 block radius for me

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