Making a Pixelated Cardboard Lamp

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A popular game that a good friend of mine plays and started live streaming is Minecraft, which focuses on building random creations using cube shaped blocks. Without getting into too much detail on the gameplay, the part of it that inspired this cardboard light project was this method of building with a series of cubes that are stacked to form an infinite number of creations.

Combining this design methodology with a simple design element from an architecture project called the Mira Towers in San Francisco designed by the firm, Studio Gang. The design element is rotation and its visible on the exterior of the building where every floor plate is slightly rotated from the base to top of the building. The Minecraft inspired cardboard light combines the pixelated way of designing from Minecraft with simple rotations to create a beautiful light fixture.

In this video, I’ll take you through my design and 3D model of the concept of this project, cutting the pieces on my Glowforge Laser Cutter, and assembling the pieces to create an elegant and beautiful light.

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0:00 Intro to the Minecraft Inspired Light
1:37 Designing the Minecraft Inspired Light
3:52 Laser Cutting the Minecraft Inspired Light
5:30 Assembling the Minecraft Inspired Light
6:05 Finished Minecraft Inspired Light
7:22 Conclusion

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CreativeGrandma says:

Very creative

Hausen Home says:

What settings do you use to cut cardboard?

Sookie Sews says:

It's almost asmr watching and listening to your videos. Another amazing job

AuthExx says:

hi there, what tool application do you use for designing? how do you then grab the design and use it on the glowforge? thank you so much

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