I Made a MINECRAFT Floating Island SCULPTURE out of Wewd

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This Minecraft diorama took around 750 hand made wewden blokes, over a thousand custom decals and TWO MONTHS TO MAKE Sheeeesh. it was worth it though

Check out @Ten Hundred ‘s Video of him painting me! https://youtu.be/BPuUfkMs6vs
Also, huge thanks to @Leviathan and @schmoyoho for letting me use the song “Chug Jug With Me” Go check them out toooo!!

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Ten Hundred says:

WHAT?! Dude, thank you so much for the shout-out at the end! AHHHHHH my life is now complete. P.S. Super nice job on that Pac-Man Diorama. You nailed it!

spuushetti says:

What does this mean ಠ_ಠ

Bouncing Booty Biking says:

/shrinks and dwells here FOR THE REST OF TIME.

TheOnionQueen says:

I love Bobbeh Dewk Arts

Alex Maldonado says:

I know you were probably joking when you said this, but Mine craft isn't new. I do love this art though and am going to do something like this in the future.

Calvin the Cat says:

i never new that wewd was spelled like that

aetherseraph says:


Péter Henzsel says:

When a man goes too far in great design:

Dennis G4B says:

Good shout 😂😂

Big Happy says:

man the commitment lol… looks great !!!

Personal Account says:

somebody comes up act like they just woke up

A B says:

You wont so me I have pet snakes

JustaMushroom says:

It has been SO long since I've heard the man say 'I wawnt thayt'
My mum and I started watching your videos and you inspired me to continue doing art and other crafts, now I have Media and Studio arts as 2 of my selected subjects for year 9 next year. Love your work, mate!

Pug Life says:

Minecraft music is just something else. C418 is awesome. Living mice is my favorite.

Faris Ghaisani says:

like the way you make the project really funny

Noodle Bowl says:

Honestly the burnt part of the water actually looks like Minecraft shaders! Minecraft shaders are what make the water and plants n stuff look realistic and cool! So you achieved more then you asked for 😩✨

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