How To Design A Minecraft Papercraft Block

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IMPORTANT: For This You Will Need Gimp, It Is A Free Editor, Download it Here!:

Pixel Paper Craft:

Download And Create My Design Here:


Phantomz 000 says:

nice job! i watched 1:26 of this video (full) lol. Nice!

mualiff says:

Lol is roblox 🤣🤣🤣

gamer says:

I am a paper craft template designer. You did well

Loopdi2039 says:

WHy is the video so damn long

QuhEsGe_Nub says:

Thanks you helped me alot 😀

BlackGaming Hs says:

where can i find the brush fold lines?

Theminecraftstarship says:

rubbish and lame

Jonas Walker says:


Jonas Walker says:

Top of screen

CaptureCraftGaming says:

40 seconds into the video i was bored and I wanted to try this on my own. 2:16 he finally opened the google chrome and it was the alchemy plus plus mod. Very off topic. You need practice on the commentary 1 hour and 30 minutes for a minecraftpapercraft block I literally wathed a movie that was shorter than this video. 4:15 finaly opened paper pixelcraft Wow water still is just a line One if you put a link in the description of where the mod is you could of at least put a link for winrar and 7zip

Minecraft PaperCraft Stuffs says:

I was trying togive people on all the information I could get because I know I have seen a lot of videos where there was not enough information given but I cant deny I spent too much time talking about the players and how to make them.
Also as far as I know on mac you cannot access your minecraft files, so it would be impossible to make one but I have tried to find the files for mac but I could not.
And asking me to Step away from minecraft WTF i have been playing befrore u were born shit head

TheIronScout says:

You SUCK at commentary. You spend RIDICULOUS amount of time off-topic. You spent like thirty minutes talking about the alchemy mod. That’s all I have to say. And, I have a
Mac, and you should’ve al least TRYED to figure out how to do this on Mac (not that I already do), but honestly. Should’ve put it for Windows/Microsoft, you should’ve described that in the TITLE. All in all, STEP AWAY FROM MINECRAFT PLEASE.

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