DIY Minecraft Axolotl From Scratch | Minecraft Papercraft Axolotl | Paper Crafts

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Hello my friends, in today’s video I’m going to show you how to make Minecraft Axolotl From Scratch using grid lined paper. It’s made from cardstock paper.

00:00:00 Intro
00:01:06 Head
00:06:07 Head Gills
00:10:43 Body
00:12:23 Legs
00:15:06 Tail

Hope you like it!

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Krishan Singh says:

Please make a Minecraft cat

Aman diy Craft man says:

Pls make lama

wd20 says:

Can you make a 3d quilled miniature dov(its ok if no),new sub

Ridhi Kulshreshtha says:

Love to see the Minecraft fam growing 💕

Redmi Note says:

Yayyyyyyyyy!!!!!You make it!!!!I waiting for such a long time… are so creative Dear Anica Soleva Paper Crafts 😗😘 😱👍✨😍☺️ it….

Projects for life says:

Very Nice job
good luck

Sharmistha Mondal says:

Cutie 😍 I made a super small nail sized clay axolotl. They're really cute, aren't they?

nancy rivera says:

No soy fanatica de Minecraft, pero, este ajolote es perfecto 👌 😍 hasta mi hija quiere que uno🤭

Feocy zelira says:

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all in one GAMER says:

I have complete my 30 modles

I like him

Dipto Talks says:

First again lol yay!!!!!!!!!

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