DIY Halloween Nebula Jar & Potion Bottles – HGTV Handmade

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These Halloween Nebula and Potion Bottles are super creepy but really easy to make!
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Karen Kavett DIY says:

Happy (almost) Halloween! Have you guys ever made nebula jars or potion bottles like this? How are you decorating for Halloween?

Töcö Flöwers says:

Do they need to be used as props?

Alan Martinez says:

Where did you get the bottles?

Cat says:

To me i craft the real potion its called potion of diabites

Gaia says:

I'm wondering how long these last… Because I want them to last years and years

Tatyana K says:

would these last long term? like not just for halloween but all year?

GalaxyAce_1 says:

Who’s here because they got a project on this 😋🤪😝

Kruel says:

The best bit whith the nebula jar is that you czn easily change up the coulur for something much cuter

Kayla Edgell says:

what else could you use instead of cotton?

Dawn Player says:

How long b4 Halloween should I make these plz?

Cheyenne Gonzalez says:

You are so awesome! Loved this video! 😊❤

Jessica Bradbury says:

I made potion bottles several weeks ago and just noticed that mold formed at the top and on the cork. Anyone know what I can do to fix this?

Ingrid Love says:

You could probably use cheap vodka or rubbing alcohol instead of water and it would last longer without chance of mold. Especially if you’re going to glue shut.

scrap 1 says:

They are not called potions they are called flasks

Theodore Southon says:

It won’t stain the bottle right?

Billy Glass says:

Does green work

Meg Allan Cole says:

You are my favorite crafty witch out there! 🖤🎃🕯🔮🔬

Eydie Garcelon says:

very cool projects!!!

omgubler says:

I made these back in 2013 when they were super trendy on tumblr and elsewhere and all of mine turned out like crap. Maybe I'll give it another shot?

CraftyChica says:

Love these! Did you make the candy corn garland in the background? It's cute! I have skeleton fish and skulls hanging up for Halloween. 🙂 🎃 I also have a little Jack o' Lantern I found at Goodwill that I covered in black glitter. I should make a video and show what I have up. Haha.

Teresa White says:

Very unique. I love each project. Thanks for sharing!

Julie Noel says:

u look like Amy from big bang theory, and i totally misread this. I thought it said Nutella lol

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