How 2 Make a Strider! | Minecraft Papercraft

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Thx for watching the video everyone! Sorry, I’m a day late after missing 1 week XD, and I’m not gonna give some lame-o excuse like I didn’t have time or whatever. I just wasn’t feeling it. Hopefully, a new video will be this weekend, though to make up for it! See you guys around 😀


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Thx to, its creators, and rooterbuster w.
Thx to C418 for the background music
Thx to YOU for watching!


haimung tang says:

Yay! Finally one for strider thanksssss!!!!


Please make wearble and poseable elytra from pixel papercraft

Ken Kyle says:

Please make the custom paladin armor for bendable figures i want so much

LucioSteam says:

A question how did you make the model of your minecraft skin but bendable I am not talking about the ultimate version I mean that it moves like in the game a long time ago I asked you and you told me something that they were going to make a generator pd: good video

edit: I already read the comment and there you tell me about the discord of pixel papercraft how can I join?

Łukasz Kubacki says:

can you make full enchanted netherite armor for bendables and normals? 🙂

SlimeDollasYT says:

M16 when I print your skin for some reason it turned out small and idk how to fix it

Zanimator says:

hi can u make this i made the template i love ur papercrafts (

Zanimator says:

770th sub 🙂

MinecraftIs TheBest2008 says:

area you going to make minecraft dungeons stuff



เบญจวรรณ เจนใจ says:

Make phantom pls

Pablo X2 says:

Don't stop making models :DDDD

levinluvcat12 says:

Can You make Tempest Golem Please

iohan manalang says:

what paper are you using?

CYBER says:

Good content sub from a corn

francisco x2 says:

Nice i have one in my room but since seven months ago XD

SitrixYT says:

"what FOV are you using? whew! nice video! keep it up!"

El doge mandaloriano says:

amazing i love the stridder 😀

kingannihilator says:

yoooo pog 😀

endermite 121 says:

Me saludas m16

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