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Dhanvitha Dhanvitha says:

Please reply

Dhanvitha Dhanvitha says:

Where did you get the box

vuppala Saritha says:

Pls dont keep sad mugic

Basanthdanvitha Danvitha says:

Please answer quickly

Basanthdanvitha Danvitha says:

Where did you get the cube

Marjoke Verweij says:

Lelijke muziek

Gayatree Suryavanshi says:

Made that☺️☺️ really amazing 👍👍👌👌

Angela Baldwin says:

WOW! I really enjoyed this video. Can hardly wait to try some of these projects.

Hannah Siebrecht says:


Luis Freire says:

I save all my memories with Glimpse. Glimpse let’s me save all my memories, notes and ideas in collections. It looks beautiful and the free edition let’s you do a lot. One thing I love is to share memories by messages… they have the new App Clip thing… neat! https://apps.apple.com/us/app/id1476299126

Roma Rana says:

I like the picture block too

Leo Hbi says:

I am sorry Gut nerver do someone the Bad drawing of bis Child in a t-Shirt

Ms Vaidehi says:

Can u please tell me the size of the cube

Kirti Khindria says:

The folding picture cube one….is made out of? What are those boxes? Wood? May I know please🤦‍♂️

love_today_love_past _okay says:


5 fingers world says:

How to solve rubic,s cube

FLAMINGO 🤗 says:

2:00 is the best trick i liked in 5 minute crafts

SNEHA SUSAN THOMAS (Student) says:


Anjna Mehra says:

I have made the folding picture blocks, thanks for sharing this video with us,😀😀

Krish Legend Studios says:


princess aurora says:

Pillow with family photo banaye please

Chris Pratt says:

The picture cube thing does not work at all. Waste of time and awful instructions.

Akiszha Jillian says:

3:26 what do u called to that? please reply

MS - 07ZZ 790888 Earnscliffe Sr PS says:

I made the family photo thing 1:06

Krishnamurthy A says:

Super 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

RashidTBG says:

1:06 doesn’t work it broke

Jose Perez says:

Como cuanto miden los cuadritos? 1:10

faneshya_official says:

Terima kasih ya

Evie-Rose - says:

Where can I get the blocks from for the folding photo cube thing?

Marcella says:


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