DIY – How to Make: Hanging Egg Chair – Dollhouse Decor – Doll Crafts – 4K

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by request: Check out this Fabsome DIY! This is the PERFECT chair for any Dollhouse! Make this Hanging Egg Chair for your dolls today!

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Erika Sanchez says:

That chair looks so cool! I’m gonna try to make one for my doll house lol

Anna Marie says:

Wicked beautiful ideas 💡😍

it's angel says:

like omg, this one is so amazing, tysm for you videos!! i'm in love with them, lysm!!!

Libby Barnard says:

You are so creative and you make it look so easy!! Thanks for sharing this gift with all of us!! Sending love from Texas!

GamerWolf YT says:

I have a new soccer made to move doll and I love her soooo much!

Toni Davis says:

I kept looking and looking for your printouts. Seem like every other person's printouts is there accept yours. U need your own link. I was Disappointed for real.

Dream Girl says:

I am a new subscriber. Wow

Xblaid says:

I want to be the doll who has that room

Toni Davis says:

Awesome!! Beautiful!! Love it!

Kate and Chloe says:

I like the egg chair I'm going to make it mabye

All About Barbie says:

This was so cute!

mujahed mohammed says:

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Maizatul Aiza Abdul Karim says:

So cool i can do this i have all the ting's

Linda Morgey says:

I did something like this a month ago with plans from Woodglut.

Swarna Latha Vedam says:

Thank you soo much for the idea love u soo much 🥰

Areeba Kashif says:

froggy… showing the true power of black women!!!!

Kalina Ribeiro says:

Arrasou muito lindo amei

Aron Dolls says:

this is amazing. i tried to do my own but I failed

music boy says:

Rip Sophie Chloe and the Darbie show

Anja Smit says:

Wow Froggy I love the eggchair.❤️😍I want to make one to see how mine turns out, because you are my QUEEN OF CRAFTING.😊❤️Love you♥️

donna yessirr says:

it’s been three years since i’ve watched y’all damn

Unicorn Princess says:

I made a egg chair it went good it looked the same as froggy

Johannes Tholo says:

I love your good work 🐼

Unicorn Princess says:

Froggy I like ure crafts that u make ure asome

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