DecoTips: 5 Basic Ways to Ice a Cupcake

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Learn new ideas for icing cupcakes including a single or double layer with XL Piping Tip #807, ridged swirl with 7/8″ French Pastry Tip #869, high dollop with Open Star Piping Tip #825, and a natural look with an angled spatula.

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Christine Bernados Ranoco says:

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Deepika sahni says:

from which website can i buy french pastry nozzle 869 and open star tip

Strawberry queen Roblox says:

What’s the recipe of the buttercream? (I wanna be a baker when I’m older but is this buttercream or fresh cream?)

fady wagdy says:

How I can make that cream heavy and easy to reshape like that

Sanjeewani Bandara says:

Can u send the icing recipe?

김항열 says:

너무 귀엽고

gwen2715 says:


GeeKhaey's Momma says:

I so love your cupcakes… can u share your cupcake recipe please🙏

Natalie Valencia says:

It's not ice it's frost 😁

Sheni Khan says:

Which frosting are you using ??,
It's looking really smooth..

UN ME says:

Naice 😃 love to make some

lol idk says:

Number 3 was so satisfying!

Cassandra Elixia says:

So satisfying!

Samir C. Cat says:

Very, very pale muffins under the icing. I wouldn't wanna eat those!

rrajivmehra says:

I would use the 5th technique to make a base for a buttercream flower

wassi shah says:

Can you please give me the cupcake recipe

Katharine Pasnau says:

It’s my birthday🎁🍰🎂 1 like= 1 b-day wish come true😆

Maria Elusineide Farias says:

Lindo demais.👏👏👏

MY MESSY BIRDS 💜💖❤ says:

Icing recipe

Sophie says:

What is the topping Made of ?

Tiffany Jones says:

This video should get 1000000000 likes

My Family Kitchen Cooking & Baking says:

I love decorated cake recipe

Mommy Lhai Rauch says:

What kind of paper u use for photo, and what to do that it does not get wet when its fridge?

mjchenevertful says:

Frosting should cover the entire cupcake along the edges, that is what the kids go for.

Annabel Caws says:


Jsk Dsk says:

Third one is best

Naiara santos says:

Lindos tá de parabéns 👏👏👏👏👏😍😍😍😍 Stephan says:

No me pasan la receta del betún…plisss

Veronica Aparicio says:

What frosting is it?

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