Minecraft Pumpkin Adventures Ep. 1

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After the big Halloween update for Minecraft I wanted to find a few pumpkins in my current save without having to start a new world. I basically had to travel pretty far to generate new chunks

Enjoy my pumpkin adventures. 😀

Also sorry about the black box cursor


Ifyoukn3wIt says:

wtf is that little black box by ur crosshairs? O.o

allen benton says:

wats clay good for??? and how u make it…

Andre Viacrucis says:

put the save! 😀

The Derp says:

I found Pumpkins near my spawn


u only find pumpkins if u've bought it

Aulaein says:

@greenpurplelampshade Actually, I found some pumpkins in my save and it was created long before the Halloween update. I had to travel a bit, but they were there. I didnt travel as long as this guy though. In fact, I probably only walked for like 10 minutes. Then again, I never did that much exploring anyway so it wasnt long before new areas were generated.

Mishimoto123 says:

you wolud find pumpkin near water

DarkNova07 says:

@Ferrari61297 Yeah If you watch part 2 i explained That i used it to make these videos. at the end of this series i burn everything that i hacked. You'll see when it uploaded.

Ferrari61297 says:

did u use inventory editor or something cuz ur tools like the shovel didnt run out?

DarkNova07 says:

@notnamed4life It's placed on dirt but yeah that is weird. It's pretty random for a tree

notnamed4life says:

3:28 floating tree? O_O

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