Michael Myers Halloween Moebius Model Diorama Build

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Moebius Michael Myers Halloween Model Diorama Build Moebius 970

A great kit that goes together easy and paints up nicely!


Raccoon Eyes says:

omg i must have this kit. i hope its still available

Ruben Mendoza says:

Could i get a paint guid for this kit

bruno skorniak says:

Great job! I have this kit myself and was thinking of painting with the craft paints also. Quick question though! With the kit being styrene plastic, will the craft paint stick to it or did you use a primer? Thanks! Again great job too!

Halloween__ Tesla says:

Beautiful job 🧡🖤🎃🔪

Justin Kostopulos says:

How much would you charge to paint one of these models for someone ?

Rodney King says:

I love this kit. I built mine with a little twist

Downtown Brown says:

Looks really good!

L&N Gaming says:

Would you sell it

António Silva Channel says:

Nice, very nice display dude 😉

SociallyAccept98 ;-; says:

Super late to the party! But it's so cool how you made it! Wish i could make these too!

Author B.L. Alley says:

Paint tip: Black and Red are the worst for light blocking because they require more pigment to achieve the darker colors. That means less paint which provides coverage. Silver is a good paint for blocking because it contains solids to achieve the metallic finish. For the pumpkin I'd suggest silver inside, then cover that with a cream color to simulate the pumpkin flesh.

Amanda Azucena says:

Where did you buy iy

Eric Verpeten says:

Excellent, I love it!

Electron Creations says:

Yet another fangtastic tutorial! Thanks!

metal dragon says:

My grandpa has that motel

YurrxTerrxll says:

Oppppppppppppppppppp! Whoa nice job dude that's something that will be on Amazon

Aboyke says:

what kind of filler putty did you use on your seams, there is so many brands out there, trying to decide on what kind is frustrating. Thanks

Azdave says:

Nice work. I'm just curious as why you didn't use any primer. I have always thought that the plastic needs some tooth for the paint to adhere too. Your paint job loooks great.How many coats were applied without primer?Thanks.

Mantis Models says:

Just curious if You run the Craft Acrylics through an airbrush to paint this kit and if so, what did You use to thin down the paints. The kit looks great and I was thinking about building one for this Halloween as a decoration.

Crystal Lake Review and SRT Muscle says:

Can you please list all the paints you used, besides the ones you mentioned.

Emily Reynoso says:

that's dope

Anthony Soda says:

did you airbrush this ?

TheMisfits323 says:

Nice job!!! It looks so beautiful!!.. I recently bought this and was wondering if you could help me out? With which colors I should get and the glue and other things lol?

Talos1963 says:

Extremely nice build! The extra shrubs are a great idea and really make the base pop. You've got a good eye for detail. Pleasant colour palette overall on the kit, making everything look unified. I would have gone with a little extra inkwashing around the leaves on the path and ground to simulate shadows.

A little tip for you regarding lightblocking; Tricky when the interior surfaces are exposed like this kit, but I use a metallic (silver normally) underneath or over whatever colours I'm applying. It blocks much more effectively. You can go over it with any colour you like then. If the interior of the kit is sealed, I leave the silver exposed to help with light bounce inside.

An enjoyable video. I'm so glad Moebius have released this kit. Like you I was bummed out when the PL release came and went so quickly.

Vinnie says:

Thank You for you help

Vincent Maroney says:

Great job I'm doing the same kit can you please tell me where you got the bushes and trees and what scale I'm 67 and I'm into the figures.marov@comcast.net thanks Vinnie.

Mr Untoward says:

it does amuse me how everyone makes his overalls blue. when they were actually black. good job though.

thehitchslap says:

Great job!!!!

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