Handmade DIY Decoration Idea for Party | Easy Paper Crafts

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Lets create a decoration for party at home. This is easy and simple handmade paper craft, you can easily make it. This decoration looks very colorful and beautiful. Decor your home or room with this idea for a special day party.


Material Required
1) Craft Paper
2) Crepe Paper
2) paper scissors
3) Thread
4) Paper Glue

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joycee padica says:

Is this crepe paper?

Kashish Yadav says:

It's looking so beautiful ❤️❤️

Ms. Shella Ligue says:

Wow ang galing may idea na. Ako

Sharanya Das says:

its good…u will improve a lot in future and shut all the hate comments…
dont feel down dear.. u did an amazing job..

Lokesh Anangoor says:


Bhavika creative craft says:


Geraldine Lopez says:

Great 👍🏻 creative thank you for sharing your ideas keep it up 💡 😍

Vaishali Barse says:

Yaa not good ok I hate this video the flowers is good but others you made not good

Adan Ehsun says:

Not too good

Alexa Kym says:

how to make a crepe paper turn???

YouCantSeeMe says:

One way to make those crepe paper is by cutting it in circular..

Kc Craft says:

Ith end pepar ?

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