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In this video I share ideas to plan a birthday party from Dollar Tree! Carson is turning 3…ah! Being 9 months pregnant, I was so fortunate that my mom planned this entire party and we just got to show up and enjoy. She did a great job creating a fun-packed afternoon using dollar store supplies. Hope you enjoy!

*Dinosaur Cups (she splurged, yikes mom!):

*Dinosaur Balloons:



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Christy Jones says:

My daughter wanted a dino birthday party this year for her 3rd. So we went to the dollar store to look around at what they had and as a find, I found plates, napkins, a banner, some dino decor, and few other gems for her party. I plan to go back and look for other things before the party.

Girl Boss Energy says:

Why am I crying lol this is so sweet

Maria Judy Alvarez says:

Grandma Rocks!!

Carrie Chesson says:

This was one of the first of your videos I ever saw. I’ve been following for years. I’m scrolling through Pinterest looking for ideas for my son’s upcoming 3rd birthday and I stumble upon this bit of magic. 🖤 Can’t wait to recreate some of your mom’s cute ideas!

Vanilla Sky says:

It was a joy to see the preparations, your little one, and your party. It was an inspiration for my kid's party. Thanks for sharing your process.

Kashmere Jones says:

My sons name Is Carson and he’s 4 awe

G S says:

So he is 7 now🙂 thanks for the ideas. My 3 years old son is obsessed with dinosaurs, planning for his birthday))

Cathy Tetreault says:

My nephews is turning 3 and 1 and having a dinosaur birthday party today. And next Sunday he is having a family Dino party

Melissa Segeda says:

Thank you so much for the great ideas! My son is turning 5 on Monday, and since he wanted a dinosaur party, I was searching for something cheap and cute! The table was beautiful! I'm going to do something very similar to it thank you!

deepikamakeup says:

I am planning a dinosaur party for my son who is turning 4 & thanks to this video I found some great leads and ideas

Stephanie H says:

My boyfriend is a big child. .
As a kid he was obsessed with dinosaurs so I'll be throwing him a 30th dino party!

Sana says:

My favourite part was a little… too good.

Anwars Playground says:

Omg! Your mom can get a job as a party planner:)))

Lacey Matthews says:

Where did she get the Dino skeletons??

Yana Lister says:

OMG that looks amazing… Thank you for the tips and ideas.

margaret keenan says:

Brilliant birthday party really really nice

A Lerdo says:

my daughters are six years apart. Exactly!!! I planned my daughters 6 birthday party at shakey's so that it would be hassle free and I would just have to show up lol my baby had other plans it was so sad that i missed her party but now she loves sharing a birthday with her sister. one year later I'm watching this video to plan my sons birthday party. and i loved all the ideas!!

Jana Gilbert says:

Flashing back to this video because I am a young adult woman and I want to know how to plan a more refined dinosaur Dollar Tree birthday for myself. A girl can dream hahahaha

Emma Michael says:

Haha I’m turning 15 but I’m still having a Dino party

NicolasCage ribcage says:

I am so going to do this for my daughter for her 29th birthday, she still loves dinosaurs.

licoreen says:

Thank you so much for sharing the fun and cute possibilities for a small, family-only birthday party. We are having one tomorrow, and even though it’s supposed to be easier than a big party or a “kids’ party,” I am stressing out about it.

Jenny Gómez says:

Hi! Where did you get the skeleton dinosaurs? Thank you!

paula cardona says:

Hi, I love what your mom did,,, I am planning a Dino Party for my child third birthday and I want to know dinosaurs skeletos where did you bought? And masks, and dino plush toy. Thank you

Elizabeth F says:

So super cute!

Clau Estrada says:

Omg what a beautiful video❤️❤️❤️🌷

rubivagant says:

Ya I'm watching this for fun lol 😂

Marta :3 says:

two years 58 dislikes-your videos are good

Chanda Dardar says:

A M A Z I N G 💙

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