Plugin Showcase – Halloween Delight – WoopaGaming

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Happy Halloween from everyone here at the Woopa team!





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Ryan Foran says:

On End of video i saw HEROBRINE

exitforever says:

thats what she said 🙂

Gray Severud says:

Have a very spooky Halloween

Maddy Miller says:

Do CraftBook next please 😛

Scythe For Life says:

Not enogh comments :O

jeboy rapmuziek says:

don't lick mine please

SheepNinjaGaming says:

Why do you have a dislike you should have 5000 over likes

1dayminecraft says:

I lick turtles

shadow_absorber says:

What hapned to useing torches?

PlungerPig says:

Do battlearena plugin

Cody Nelson says:

ill check u out

Aleexkoo says:

Nice 🙂 Please subscribe me too 🙁 I am begineer 🙂

Cody Nelson says:

oh haha, i had to do it,

Martin Refseth "HDR" says:

to the looserfest

WoopaGaming says:

Enjoy guys! 😀
Also: Be sure to check out our second channel – WoopaExtra – for things other than Minecraft! We're currently doing a TF2 Mann Vs Machine play through on there 🙂

Happy Halloween!

– Torrent

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