Minecraft : How To Find Lots Of Diamonds – by mdTRUCKA

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A video that should help you guys find lots of diamonds in Minecraft. If it is hard to understand the steps I will write them here:

Step 1) Dig out a 4 by 5 room that is 3 blocks high. Make sure that it is between level 5 and level 8 on the y axis. You can find this out by pressing f3 and looking at the y coordinate.

Step 2) Dig out 2 tunnels 2 wide and 2 high around 30 blocks deep.

Step 3) Branch off on both sides making a 1 wide 2 high smaller tunnel that is again around 30 blocks deep.

Step 4) Make more tunnels branching off making sure there is a 2 wide block gap between each smaller tunnel.

Step 5) Search for diamonds in the tunnels and smaller tunnels and then mine them.

Extra Step) If you are looking for iron ore, coal, gold etc. Make lots of furnaces, chests and crafting benches in the starting room – you could make it larger.

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Texture Pack : Faithful 32

Song : Ants – Edit

My Channel Link : http://www.Youtube.com/user/mdTRUCKA


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