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Karen Kavett DIY says:

It's time for another DIY Experiment! I'd love to know what you guys think or if you've ever made anything using this technique!

Sandy’s life says:

She is so good at YouTube

Linda Liebenthal says:

If you have any more ideas perler beads please share them. You have given me so many ideas

シEmilie Cos says:

Did u just put parchment paper around the beads?

gwen wells says:

That is cool I never ever done that before

Ana Morales says:

Can you iron candy and make things out of it?

Donnie Sparkles says:

Can you use pony beads as perlers? I wanna make a project and I don’t see a major difference

Cherished Playtime says:

We still have a ton of pony beads too.

Also, the texture of the ironed perler beads depends on how long you iron each side. I’ve done it and had it end up with tiny holes like your pony bead version.

Sandalover11 says:

Can u fry an egg on the iron?

Judy Sobko says:

I remember the teacher at CHS who said "No glitter, no feathers, no googly eyes! We are not making tile ash trays or macaroni necklaces and we don't need pipe cleaners!" Who was that lunatic?

Mary Kohler says:

Try a Elmer’s glue or resin mold people making beautiful sun catchers and ornaments

Autumn Garcia says:

I will make one

mochigore says:

karen took the kids

bbyruth2002 says:


Konna Pente says:

Have you tried to cut the warm plastic with the cookie cutter/

Eliana S. says:

Perler beads have boards that hold them together. They work a lot better that way.

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