DIY Real Version Of Mortal Kombat Game

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Hi guys! Today we’re going to create a Mortal Kombat craft! And this is gonna be a high-tech craft!

So, let’s get started! Create each character! We’ll need two colored pencils for this. Inside they are hollow and on the sides there are special holes. We made holes with the drill beforehand. Be careful when working with a drill, guys! When all the pencil parts are ready, we will connect them with threads. This way, the characters will be able to move. Our fighters look great!

When the fighters are ready, we need a ring! By the way, our neighbor Roger helped us with this. And now we have a real ring like in the Mortal Kombat game!

We’ll hide a tricky mechanism under the table. It will indicate the energy level of the opponent. Like in a real computer game! Each character has a special health bar. It will decrease automatically. We will also add an LED tape to see a better view of the health bar!

To understand how much health each player has lost, we will make special sensors. To do this, we need a motor, some wires and pieces of foil! We will make little holes in the cardboard. We need them for the motors! Be very careful with the awl, guys! The motors will move the health bars of our characters.

Our characters are going to move only along one line. That’s the classic fighting mode. The final stage is connecting all the wires together under the ring. Then we can put our fighters in the ring and we are ready to fight! Guys, we hope you liked our Kombat craft!

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