Hunter's Moon Tombstone: Halloween Prop

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A fluorescent one! A black cat themed tombstone picked by Lisa over at HalloweenForum. A full written tutorial with pictures, tools and materials list can be found here:

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George Seward says:

By any chance do you remember where you got the image for this tombstone. I have looked all over and have not found anything close. I have a Maine Coon cat so was interested in doing one like this.

Nahrin Kanno says:

This is great, I had so much fun watching 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

carmen roupp says:

I have fallen in love


Wow another great tombstone.

FordFalcon1962nBlue says:

coolest tombstone i think ive ever seen-

FordFalcon1962nBlue says:

what is the black tool with the round rotary device? is that a dremel? looks like something i need to make lower areas in my tombstones

MysticalLibra says:

This turned out beautiful! Love it!

RandomlySwagified says:

About how much of a gallon of drylok does it take to paint a normal tombstone? Where I am drylok is $35 a gallon and I'm not sure I want to spend that much extra money. Thanks for posting all the tutorials they've helped me out a lot.

Northrad's Hauntings says:

Fantastic! So glad you're still at it from Texas. Thanks 🙂

Scaryladyvideos says:

Thank you and I hope so too. I don't buy many individual cylinders and solenoids but when I do it's from Fright Props. I usually buy the entire rig and they have the parts already assembled. I've bought rigs from Fright Props and also DC Props.

Scaryladyvideos says:

Thank you 🙂 🙂 🙂

Scaryladyvideos says:

Thank sooooo much for that wonderful comment. I can't wait to get into the prop heavy like I used to 🙂

DRACUL1964 says:

REMARKABLLLLEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! You're always at the top of your game, I hope that you'll build your home haunt next year when you're all settled. I glad to see that you're still making videos, take care…… :}

Scaryladyvideos says:

You are so sweet 🙂 🙂 🙂

Michelle Adamchak says:

Awwe Terra, you did it again. This is just so cool!! I love your new piece….cats are my favorite. On a side note – you look fantastic. Thanks for posting your latest, and I'm glad you are acclimating to Texas.

3D Archery says:

I think I just might copy this one, if I have enough time!

Scaryladyvideos says:

Thank you veddy much. really liked how this one turned out 🙂

3D Archery says:

Awesome as usual. Congratulations on another masterpiece!

Scaryladyvideos says:

Thank you 🙂

Scaryladyvideos says:

Oh, hello there 🙂

Joseph Arnaez says:

In th hfI am jarnaez in a post called my first tombstone

Paul Stromquist says:

Yeah, I saw that. Not quite as cost effective as I had hoped, but it may have to do!

Scaryladyvideos says:

Not so far. Thank goodness I brought along 4 sheets of 1 1/2" thick foamboard. Oh wait, I did see a small aisle stack of 1" thick pink foam at Home Depot here in Texas that was specifically labeled for 'projects'. I have to think they specifically made it for us tombstone makers 🙂 It was in 2' x 2' cut sheets.

Paul Stromquist says:

As usual, awesome work! A quick question maybe you can answer. Since moving to Tx, have you been able to locate a source for the foam board? I have been having quite a time locating any in the Austin area myself.

Reapers Ridge Cemetery Yard haunt says:

do a frankensein one

Scaryladyvideos says:

Thanks Darrin! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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