How to make all Minecraft 1.17 peaceful mobs with paper. Paper Glow Squid, Goat and Axolotl.

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How to make:
1. Print the template
2. Cut
3. Paint
4. Then watch our video and make your toy step by step

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Paper Dog says:

100 likes = Warden + Some new blocks.

Ivan Josue Hernandez Monzon says:

its beautiful

liptak das says:

Please 🥺🥺🥺 tell me how do you make the templates .please reply

assassin says:

You make axalotl is wrong

Jean praphanprattanakul says:

On dirait la musique de brawl start

Ulises Aguilar Caiceros says:

Donde lo consiges lo imprimido

RatBagBoy says:

This video gives me faith in humanity

TV animation says:

Очень круто я рад что сдесь спрут

M16 says:

hey Paper Dog! I know that you make your own designs, but for your Warden video, I could let you use my template. My only condition would be to give credit to me by giving a link to my channel or something similar. You do some great work, keep it up!

Link to the template;

Try this link if the one above doesn't work;

galaxy bey says:

New my animal is aksolotl)(im thurkish)


I speak Spanish I am with taductor and I want to ask you a question, what paper do you use for your papercrafts? Я говорю по-испански, я с тадуктором, и хочу задать вам вопрос, какую бумагу вы используете для своих поделок из бумаги?

M16 says:

cool video and all, but most of these designs were already made(minus the goat) and posted on

кинг says:

Можеш ещё зделать тово менотавра не помню как его зовут но надеюсь ты понел 😋

кинг says:

О боже я чуть воморок не упал это прелесно жалко что спрут победил я голосовал за iceologer а так очень круто 😃

Maximus craft says:

Can you make minecraft papercraft grove sprite

Esly Filipe says:

Check my comments please 🥺👉👈

Esly Filipe says:

Can you make a non-moving mecha paladin surge that can transform because the moving arms cover up some details on the chest so it would be really cool of you made one that does not move but can still transform
The arm positioning looks weird
I would like one with the same chest and arms as the original one you made

Esly Filipe says:

Where is virus 8 bit

Тимар says:

Круто сделал ) мне понравилось лайк с меня

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