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Hello my friends, in today’s video I’m going to show you how to make Minecraft Bee From Scratch using grid lined paper. It’s made from cardstock paper.

Hope you like it!

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If you have any question just let me know! If you have any requests for future videos just leave them in the comments below. If you make this pixel paper craft Bee don’t forget to tag me!
Thank you very much for watching and for your support!

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York Pork says:

why does it have so few views? this bee is so cute

Tran Timothy says:

can you make a ghast

AJ Crafts craftingWithAJ says:

Keep in touch. You are as always fantastic. Awesome creation. 🤩

nancy rivera says:

Te quedó lindo, ya te dió "fiebre de Minecraft" 😅

Gordana Natovska says:


S P says:

Wow.. That's pretty nice! 💖

S P says:

Wow.. That's pretty nice! 💖

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