Making a Minecraft Fox out of pipe cleaners

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Amount of pipe cleaners used:
Orange – 40—6mm/p/23740
White – 40
Black – 1—6mm/p/23735
Light brown – 1—6mm/p/23741
(I recommend going over the number just in case you need extras)

Hope you enjoy the video! I’m not the best editor, but I’m trying lol. I made it as short as I could this time, let me know if the vid is too fast though. I also got better lighting so you can actually see what I’m doing. Sub for more pipe cleaner videos!

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Foxes and Dogs Team says:

I love foxes

Chris Gonzalez Rivera says:

It's so dang adorable 😆

Rajnil Das says:

Can you play say the measurment

Jovon Ramsey says:

I dislike cause it goes from one thing to another me and my grandson tried this and we tried we couldn’t get through it please tell us how to do the beginning please see this and get back to me

Jovon Ramsey says:

Question can you show me how to do the beginning cause I can’t figure it out

ItzCrystalFlame says:

i n e e d this-

Chocolate Pudding says:

I think the person who disliked meant dis-I-like

Emmalyn’s Vlogers says:

Is it going to be hard

Carson Gaming says:

How to I get this many pipe cleaners I NEED THIS

Kaitlyn Gallop says:

Person who disliked prefers terraria

Kaitlyn Gallop says:

This is so amazing! I've been following you on insta for a while and tbh I didnt even realize you made this channel!

Joseph. M says:

Something that I really love about this channel is that you make it very easy to follow and you keep the background music very calm. Also, this might be harder but could you make Georgenotfound and sapnap next, please. Thank you for what you do.

Po says:

This is hard

Valensaurio says:

I love this 🙁 <3

Elif Okur says:

Can you make cow? 💖

Miringuina Sanchez says:

Can you do Minecraft bee please!

Natalee Peak says:


Mun vw says:

tysm!! this is amazing

Carolina Vargas says:

Can you do the llama next i have the pip cleaners

wig snatched says:

this was so much better! i loved that you included subtitles 💕

Skinless Medal says:

Can you do the Minecraft turtle 🐢 next please and also can you be more specificity instructions please

D D says:

Have to make this one day!

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