How NOT to Setup ClickUp (4 ClickUp Hierarchy Mistakes)

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Want to learn how to set up ClickUp? Let’s walk through 4 ClickUp Hierarchy Mistakes to avoid when you’re getting started with ClickUp’s Spaces, Folders, and Lists.

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Don’t let common ClickUp mistakes keep you from learning how to use ClickUp (the right way!). Instead, learn from these examples to build a STRONGER ClickUp that’ll help you streamline your business operations!

Here’s what we’ll cover in this video:
00:00 – Introduction
01:06 – Mistake #1: Overbuilding
02:39 – Mistake #2: Consistency
04:55 – Mistake #3: Underbuilding
06:18 – Mistake #4: Hierarchy Addictions

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Layla at ProcessDriven says:

Mapping your hierarchy? Try out our⭐ FREE ⭐ Hierarchy Quiz (ClickUp Space vs. Folder vs. List) Tool:​

Tom Solid's Paperless Movement says:

Love this so much! So much value Layla and 100% agree 👍 Team of 5 and using two spaces. Phew…did that right then 😅 Like to keep the „Leadership“ stuff separate from the operations. But I agree, working from Notifications, Home and custom views is something I keep telling my people too. Otherwise it is sooo confusing. Maybe “task in tray” is something to add here that I personally like to use to keep active tasks close to my mouse courser 😁

Alventure Pictures says:

I literally setup our click up 4x until I found the best setup that suits us. Simple yet comprehensive. We are outsourced by an audit firm btw and we have 3 audit engagement types with several number of clients/projects per audit type.

Rex Nario says:

Great contents, problem solved. Thanks a lot.

Shannon Vincent says:

I couldn't agree with all these points more. So many times people are overcomplicating ClickUp and not taking advantage of features like favorites. Great video Layla!

Miguel Alas says:

Thanks Layla for great content about Click Up, very useful for building a path to better organize client projects. This an off topic question, what WordPress plugin or web app de you use in your Hierarchy Quiz ?? thanks!

Bas van Laarhoven says:

Solopreneur with a job, and a small dojo.
So 3 spaces. Personal, job, dojo.

I have one holy field and that is the active field. When this is checked the task will find it's way to my active task view.

Awesome video layla. Thank you

Ross Sadler says:

Point 4 is the most important, we run a system where everyone uses an ‘everything board’ view filtered to them. The hierarchy is not accessed at all by 95% of the team and the majority of tasks are created from form entry. Using everything board view gives you the chance to see everything that any person in your system below you has on their workload and help them prioritise it if necessary as well as reassign if they are absent, transferred or absent.

CFO Hire by Asad says:

You giving too much information away! I love it 💜 this is definitely the starting point for any setup.

AmbitiousVA says:

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. On all 4 points. 🙌

Mario G says:

Ok, where can I find that cabinet with the metal face.

Mario G says:

Originally I wanted to have just one list for everything and filter via tags.

PrincessLeeLee2oo6 says:

Love this! I need to send this to some clients, ClickUp does have a learning curve. But that learning curve steepens if you haven't set it up correctly.

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