Iron Golem Costume Project – Enhanced Version

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This video is about the making of a Halloween Iron Golem costume. The costume was created based upon one of the favorite Minecraft characters and inspired by YouTube user @Dan Sil

Music of the video, and the video sequence is inspired by one of the best TV show in the seventies ” The Six Million Dollar Man” aka “The Bionic Man”. Special thanks to YouTube user @STIKS1969 for allowing us to use his music cover. He does some really awesome work and you should visit his channel.


Jody Turpin says:

Would you kindly share your vector files with me, also? And, do the vector files come with or without the outlines? Thank you!

matdigi says:

Here is link the files.  You will have to plan how to print these on 8.5 x 11 paper.  Some of the pics have an outline around page boundaries.

matdigi says:

Monica T .. yes I can 

Monica T says:

Are you willing to share your vector images??

Ali Kathleen says:

Wow your good

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