Plugin Showcase – Halloween Scares- WoopaGaming

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Happy Halloween from everyone here at the Woopa team!





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MunkGaming says:

the plugin creator should make it so the endermens carry jacko bombs and trow them at you 😀

kn2585 says:

Get the uptodate plugin.

Marko Matijaca says:

download a new version

am says:

You simply download the craftbukkit 1.4.2 jar file, and replace the old craftbukkit jar file with the 1.4.2 jar file, and you are done 🙂

Eduardo Tadashi says:


Coffeechipmunk says:

I don't think its inactive, don't think its for 1.4 though. Wish i could've got permissions going for it though

messageofDEATH says:

get the bukkit dev build

Adam Pahlm says:

lol add my skype i help you ^^
skype: xZiiRx_KiinG

PrinceSkinners Mc says:

Download a new craftbukkit and copy the name of the old one on to the new one and start up your server and away you go. If you have a server host you can most likely find a butten and hit it and it should update!

123woefie says:

download the latest on
and replace the new with the old version

Matthew Miller says:

Do craftbook next!!!

tomtrix says:

Look at this page! There are development builds and so on!

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