How 2 Make Halloween Masks for Your Bendable Figure!

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Hope you enjoyed the video! I decided to take my Minecraft papercraft bendable figure and spice it up for the ?????? time of year! If you enjoyed the video and want to see more videos on 1.17 caves and cliffs update, 1.177 mob vote mobs, and more, then check out the rest on my channel! Anyway, cya next time! Bye for now!

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Thx to and Alexander Blu for the background music!
Thx to for all the designs and for propelling my channel to new amounts!
Inspired by Rooterbuster W.
Thx to YOU for watching!


M16 says:

do you guys like having different kind of music in these videos? like how this was spooky music and i usually do Minecraft music

кинг says:

Peparcaft goat?

Gerald Cabezas Garcia says:

I really liked the masks and I would recommend using silicone to glue the dolls since silicone sticks better

치몬 says:

Happy 200 M16!

치몬 says:

It’s 200!

simi asux says:

wow what beautiful masks I wish they made a skeleton horse for my collection 😉

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