DIY Miniature Board house – Among Us Full house decor !

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How to make miniature realistic cardboard house – Among Us fullhouse
Bedroom , computer room , cafeteria , O2 ~
Thank you , Enjoy it !


Bryan Nguyen says:

Wow yay yo bro

성수은 says:

근데 얼공 해주시면 안됄까요?

김토끼 하꽁 says:

나는 어몽어스 좋아해요

AB says:

Among us bed

김지한 says:

저. 어몽어스. 좋아해요

김지한 says:

나도 만들고 싶다


How do you get the blueprints?

Carlos Alberto Gonzalez says:

As la ca sa de los impostores pls

Ni Ki says:

Plis smile dog plis plis plis plis plis

Laura Hahn says:

Why is it Japanese music

김숙현 says:


Lucy Toompas says:

i did it its amazing 🙂 thanks

권태유 says:

와 저도만들고싶어요

Riya arya says:

Wonderful! But materials are complex how can I make it

Sarah Sajid toys and crafts says:

U copied @ cardboard house !

AA khan says:

Can you please make me one

AA khan says:

So much cool

Mia Stan says:

So that is the reason that I love you

Mia Stan says:

Among us is my favourite game

Mia Stan says:

And I love among us so thank you

Mia Stan says:

You are so cool

лариса буравцова says:


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