How to make Speedrunner vs 4 Hunters using only paper. Minecraft Papercraft.

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I spent more than 40!!! hours to create this. Hope you liked

How to make:
1. Print the template
2. Cut
3. Paint
4. Then watch our video and make your toy step by step

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Paper Dog says:

I spend more than 40 hours for one video. Maybe later I will make second part. Hope you liked.

Dietrich Vogel says:

Amazing video you earned my subscription and your name is awesome paper dog love it ?

Luis P says:

How do you print it out?

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Ель Чупакабра says:

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Остап Буртовий says:

idea to make lou out of brawl stars

Agent008 says:

This is amazing????????

-Captain Łuki- says:

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Stepan Fedunyak says:

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Youtuber says:

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Funny Cat says:

Best your video. I hope it will get 1000000 views

Brawl Stars says:

Woow. Its really incredible I love it. Dream the best

Esly Filipe says:

Brawl talk in 20 minutes stay tuned

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