kdprocket + kdspy review: the KILLER 1-2 knockout punch to DOMINATE Kindle! By @ErocZ of Zbooks.co

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This is my first case study with my new favorite tool KDP Rocket!

You can quickly identify LOW competition HIGH demand niches with KDP Rocket, then you cross-reference them with KDSPY to fine tune the keywords for your TARGET niche.

I place a book on the first page for the chosen keyword, a book with ZERO reviews and only two sales in two days!

Just imagine what you can do with a little more time and research in a better niche!

As you can see, everything went wrong that could go wrong while doing this recording. My laptop’s battery saver went on, it dimmed the screen and cut the audio recording. I was able to salvage the vid- this is actually a of the vid with my voice over.

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Or go straight to “my” links to get #KdpRocket and #KdSpy:
Get PublisherRocket HERE: http://bit.ly/Publisherrocket
Get KDSpy Here: http://jvz6.com/c/368069/111047
Heads-up – those links above are my affiliate links and I get a commission if you use them 😉

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h ka says:

great tools really

J.J. Pham says:

could you repeat again the name of the google form plugin that you mentioned in your video? eform ? Thanks!

Let's Build Tribe says:

Ordered, Thanks for the video

Emerald Book Reviews says:

Great info thanks!

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