Minecraft Diamond Boot Stocking – DIY GEEKY GOODIES

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Minecraft Diamond Boot Stocking

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Minecraft Diamond Boot Stocking – DIY GEEKY GOODIES

This video will show you how:
How to make a stocking
How to make a minecraft diamond boot stocking
How to make geeky christmas stuff

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Overwatch Underwatch says:

I miss this cupquake

vampwolf102306 wolf says:

you could also make this a pillow with a few adjustments

Marisol Sanchez says:

Hi tiffy you look do pretty when you were younger and I still see your videos today

alphastar says:

i treied it last year and used it this year lol i do all geeky goodies

jong hung tjoen says:

make a MINECRAFT pickaxe

EllaAnimeGirl 97 says:

love it. :3

Noah Ruiz says:

can you make a nyan cat sweater

peachyboba says:

ur voice is very therapeutic I love it

The M&M’s says:

love the idea

Turtle Cakes says:

were did you get a nyan sweater!?! =O

Jessica Wolford says:

make a shirt

Xavier Benzion says:

Make dimond boot shoes please please please please please please please please

Edwin Aguilar says:

I love this video

Princess MineCraft says:

you should make a shopkin cupcakes!!!!!.

jeydis revilla says:

make a minecraft cake

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