Personality Test -The Minecraft Soore

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Hello everyone today I have done this little test for you guys to see what type of person you are!

Guys These are the answers:
Kind- 1. Flowers, 2. Darkness, 3. The bad things come out Answers will vary., 4.No,5.Just sit around and talk to yourself
Bossy: 1.Grass, 2.Loneliness, 3. No one that can accompany me Answer will vary 4. Yes, 5.Loose your mind.
Unique- 1. Sky 2. Heights,3. I can’t see what is happening around me Answers will vary 4. Yes 5.Play with your fingers and use them as company
Persistent- 1.Flowers 2.Loneliness, No one can be there for me Answers will vary 4. Yes, 5.Yell for help even if it is not useful!
– 1.


garbage says:

we should b able to paint the white room like, damn, love tht room.

legendaryTitans says:

Guys I've made a two new videos on my channel hopefully you guys will like plz subscribe and like to me it would help me tons

legendaryTitans says:

I'm a mix between bossy and kind….somehow

Joflojibilio says:

Question 5 um I don't know run into the wall a bunch of times trying to get out

Joflojibilio says:

Question 4 no

Joflojibilio says:

Question 1 the trees

Joflojibilio says:

Lonely ness for question 2

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