DIY Emoji Costume | DIY Minimalist Halloween Costume Challenge | Sea Lemon

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❋ “Pile of Poo” emoji graphic for reference:×160/1f4a9.png

❋ Supplies:
• Cardboard (about 16″ sqaure)
• Pencil
• X-Acto blade
• Black and white paper
• Scrap paper (for spray template)
• Scissors
• White spray paint
• Adhesive dots
• Glue gun


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Music credits:
“8 Bit Disco” – Philip Guyler
“Happy Sky 2” – Barrie Gledden / Jason Pedder
“Brighter Now” – Barrie Gledden / Chris Bussey


Curtis Mitchel says:

i love that can you do a drawing videos pl;ease jenafur

Sai Charan says:

I love your channel from the beginning, please do more costume videos


You are truly the best artist I know

funneh cake says:

I love it??

Amanda Estrera says:

So cute ???in your next video can you make a bag

Jacob says:

It looks like shit… 😉

SafTheGamer says:

Did you use the cardboard from a package of a Kitchen Aid stand mixer?

Inderjit Toor says:

doesn't a costume need to cover your body?

xavier saenz says:

youre the winner of this challlenge

Taylor Martin says:

Love it I'm gonna
Craft it tomorrow

Nataly is so pretty says:

it took 1:37 to finish talking

Marco Čipka says:

how can I get more emojis in high quality as a picture on my mac, which program do you use – pages or another, will you make video about adding emojis to video, page just how toad them intuit….thanks

irfan khan says:

soooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute !!

Rafa Haque says:

Oh I thought u painted it! clever! 🙂

naba naba says:

Chocolat frosting with face ? no, you did a piece of sh*t

™Strawberry™ Avatarija says:

? and ?

Wendy Rangel says:


Xx Riley Xx says:

mine is either ? or ?

Lezly says:

I need a Halloween costume!
What can I make?!
?don't care

Jaden Taormina says:

My favorite Emoji is ?

McKenzie Oliver says:

Holy ? this is so good

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