CAKE! Minecraft Diamond Sword Pull Apart Cake by Cupcake Savvy's Kitchen

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Welcome to my Tutorial on how to make this fun Minecraft Diamond Sword Pull Apart Cake! It’s the perfect project for a Beginner! The actual process is relativity easy it’s just a repetitive and time consuming task but the final result makes it worth while. The same process can be used to make a Gold Minecraft Sword or an Iron Minecraft Sword. The only difference will be the icing colours used.

The same result can be achieved with a series of coloured cupcakes placed in the same pattern. It will just mean you need to bake 84 cupcakes and you will need a VERY long Cake Board! Enjoy!

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Vanilla Buttercream:
Vanilla Swiss Buttercream:
Chocolate Buttercream Frosting:


Life of Riley by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license


Nina Deandra says:

I love that cake end i love diamond sword

Hanny Santos says:

Mto bonito, parabéns, e é mto complicado hahaha, passaria o dia todo pra fazer.

LoReLEi TrAnCy says:

This is so cool! Me and my friends will be making this on my bday party! (yes i have grandmas permission :3)

Nick Wyatt says:

that is doing good

q8 otaku baker says:


Anastasya_ rmstudio says:

i love you more vidio and dont forgets to se my youtube azrael ririhena its all my famely youtube and all my youtube

Anastasya_ rmstudio says:

i love it hou you now to meke this cake

TheGoldenMinecart // TGM says:


Meeks PhatSugar says:

Thanks for the great idea! This is perfect for my little minecraft freak lol

heidi minor says:

what a wonderful idea!! usually it's used with cupcakes but I really enjoyed watching you do it with mini cakes! I absolutely love watching cake decorating tutorials as I am a wanna be cake decorator…lol. I am one of the "weird" people who LOVE watching people frost/ice cakes. so if possible to do videos leaving most of the process in you would make me the happiest I love your channel I learn so much from you! thank you so much for sharing your wonderful work.

Cherokee Stay Beautiful!!! says:

VERY COOL!!!!!!! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

Myrn Mel says:

You're so right, although repetitive and time consuming, the end result is worth it! Easy to make and best of all, the kids are going to love this!

Anonyme Anonyme says:

Great job !! ?

Samriti Sabharwal says:

please do more gravity defining cakes

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