How To Make A DIY Minecraft Stress Toy

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Big thanks to Daniela for the collaboration!

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Stephanie Taylor says:

Im board so do this game DIY toy

Squizzy Games says:

Did u just make a video of someone else’s video

Jayden Ang says:

I made a big enderman that can move

JavaFloof says:

Yo how do you get that minecraft background

mik 266 says:

Just made one and its awesome!

Ana Flores says:

You are so smart

Kirsty Jeneson says:

the fact there is a ball in mc is
burning my eyez

biskut stokin says:

can you made me one haha just joke

C0N40R says:

ewwww worst inro ever

LovelyKittys 817 says:

I thought he was going to make one…MY LIFE IS A LIE

Carlos Almeda says:


polariginal says:

What was the point of this video?

Dreams Ocha says:

Stress ball?????? More like stress block

The ZumBakes says:

not a squishy cause its not slow rising your not a pro?

random stuf says:

Thats not a squishy

Mervin says:

Wait a minute, this is not a stress ball… … it’s a stress block!

OoGway says:

That looks like my LOGO

Ethan The Reaper says:

Ok first of all they are not balls! Second of all they a cubes! Third of all you r dumb! Fourth of all only on dis vid! Unless you call another shape a ball when it’s like a rectangle

Roblox is better then spiderman says:

I subscribed

Casey Gaming says:

Ooooo so it's not HDHD like a figet cube then

Jiminiesha hyung says:

You look like chad Alan but more different

Cam Shopland says:

I subscribed for the stress block

Cam Shopland says:

I need it for my brother i subscribed

Thomas Jimin Stein says:

I hate touching sponges. :c

CaptainScout says:

ive never seen an mc addiction like this…

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