Amigurumi Bumblebee | Crochet Bee Tutorial ?

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Crochet along with me to make yourself a fat squishy oversized amigurumi bumble bee – super simple and easy enough for even a beginner to make. Are you ready to make your chubby (chub-BEE ? ) buzzy friend?

Written pattern on my blog here:

How to crochet the magic ring:


Yarn in bumblebee colours! Yellow, black and white for the wings

Scrap of pink and black yarn for the face

Hook size: Smaller than your yarn recommends to keep your stitches tight

10mm Safety Eyes

Stitch Marker (Mine is handmade by “What Mustard Made” )

Large eye needle for weaving in ends and sewing wings to the body


0:00 Materials!
2:06 Pattern Starts
10:24 Face
22:18 Body
35:47 Wings


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Mango Tango says:

I’m just blindly putting my hook into stitches, catching the yarn, and pulling through. I just realized I used my super long tail instead of the working yarn. I feel so dumb rn.

Taina G says:

This was a very well made video you gave very clear instructions so easy to follow!

Angie Yonaga アンジー says:

Time to abuse.



Zainab says:

I have a question, and i know its been over a year since you've uploaded this but please could you help?

I've messed up and forgotten to add the row of single crochet and gotten to the 2nd black strip… what should I do?

Sadia Nasir says:

??The amount of times she said fat …

I Want Some Chicken Nuggets says:

Your tutorial is so helpful! Thank you!

Rolando b says:

I have made two bees I love them and this video was super easy to follow and it was also really fun ????

tobias rico says:


Vanessa Canseco says:

This was so easy to follow my daughter loves her bee❤️

Jennifer Jo says:

So for the extra strings after you sew the wing into your bee what do u do with it?

jana maureen rayo says:

now i have 18 bees

AnnaAwesome says:

I made a bee for my bee farmer teacher and the new bee buddy is A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E! Thank you!

torielric says:

Um. What if I was using this tutorial to make a single colored porg body? And forgot to mark my first stitch? Multiple rows ago?

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