How to Make a Papercraft Goat! | Minecraft 1.17

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After many requests, It’s finally here; the 1.17 goat! Hope everyone likes it, cause the texture for this model was really odd to work with…
If you liked this video, check out the rest of my papercraft videos that are always Minecraft-y! I’ve got some 1.17 Caves and Cliffs update papercraft like the Warden and Axolotl, along with the 1.17 Mob Vote mobs just for starters! 🙂

Design printout;
Use this link if the other one doesn’t work;

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Thx to C418 and the Minecraft music team for the background music!
Thx to and all of its creators!
Thx to for the outro!
Thx to YOU for watching!


Blue potato says:

mmm remember the papercraft when u created your own character i found a different kind of that with a little edit can u make a generator darn it my grammar

heraldo daniel galvez guaman says:

This is the one that I was talkin about

I am NOT Dream! says:

Subscribe to him or your Minecraft will ban you

I am NOT Dream! says:

Hope your channel grows faster!

I am NOT Dream! says:

I really love it and I am proud of you!

Neil Goswami says:

Yay! Finally the goat! Very nice papercraft!

Paper Gemе says:

Hurray I waited! 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳


yaay finally the goat , can please tell how do you make these designs through which software?

AlpandFeride 2013 says:

These models are amazing! I just subscribed. I also have some recommendations for future videos: Furnace Golem, Jolly Llama, Tropical Slime and Moolip From Minecraft Earth. Also the Redstone Golem from Minecraft Dungeons. Can you try these mobs?

MinecraftGamerz Gaming says:

You didn't raised your voice

MinecraftGamerz Gaming says:

This is the one that I was talkin about

Jack__104 says:

Really cool

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