How to make a paper Steve ( Minecraft ) Papercraft toy. Easy to make. Papercraft Minecraft

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How to make:
1. Print the template
2. Cut
3. Paint
4. Then watch our video and make your toy step by step

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Paper Dog says:

White Crow Tomorrow

ツ ice555 ツ says:

Ты печатал из компа?

Mahmud Sharif says:

Thats so good but does he can move? If it’s gonna be move that will be better maybe? 🙂

даа нетт says:

Я в 5 лет так же делал

Alex Murashkin says:

Actually amazing.

FARTY says:

minecraft dungeons

خالد انيميشن says:

Wow it's amazing

-Captain Łuki- says:

Funny, looking like marshmallow

Swastik Bro says:

why no black and white add add it back

Rajarshi Sharma says:

Can you make gold barley plz

Kirill play says:

У меня один вопрос, почему всё на английском?


А это ты сам делаешь?

Youtuber says:

Nice, but brawl stars is better

gold moon says:

Coll! Я руский

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