How to make the Ultimate Bendable Steve (Minecraft Papercraft)

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Hey guys, I’m back with the second Bendable Steve this time with no toothpicks! New Ultimate Bendable Steve Generator Up!
Generator Link:

Link to my Ultimate Bendable Steve:
Safer Link:

(Hot Glue Gun Optional)
Difficulty: ★★★★☆
Paper type: Cardstock/Craft Paper/ or regular printing paper.

Thank you everyone for all the views of the first video! Since that one is outdated, i made this one with a mechanism of my own. Feel free tweak or update the template if you want but you have to credit me for the template too :/


Alonso Lara says:

So I just draw it

Alonso Lara says:

I don't have a printer

sk kabir says:

Me : irritating my mother to buy Minecraft action figure.
Mother: no
:me after watching this : what the heck? ?


Awesome ? work. I am surely gonna make this.

Clark Kent says:

I remember when this video came out back in 2014 i had a different account then and damn i made a lot of these back in the day


Wait then how did you stick the head to move and pls make more like now new nether and the 1.17 mobs

Morshed Alam says:

i dont need this anymore i odered one

Sajitha Deesh says:

why dont you make more vids plz repli

HentaiBro 69 says:

It’s been years

Kevin Aguillar Pereira says:

Download iron man skin minecraft papearcraft

Patsy Morrison says:

me: has unlimited printer ink. the printer: STOP IT!!!

Shiloh Te says:

lol i printed out a diamond helmet template and it fits lol ill send the link:

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