How To Play Minecraft For Newbies

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Description: Minecraft 101 for all of you that don’t know what minecraft is. Or if want to learn how to play, Then this is the video for you!

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The Juice says:

The pig at 9:36 is kinda creepy…

Candy Sweets says:

It's 2020 and I still haven't played this game…

Rex Westen says:

2020 covid 19 sus

GSAT and Reading Techno Teacher JA says:

how to spell it

iQueenAisha17 says:

I actually started Minecraft in 2015 2016 or 2017. Stopped in 2019 to 2020 and I'm back.

Trevor Ableson says:

I stated playing at 2014

ghostboy kio says:

I select materials but I don't know how to build cause when I click it just destroys things?

Maria Hernández says:

Umm who is watching this in 2020

Narin Mallo' says:

Damn this was made 7 years ago

superfaz3546 baliey says:

I know minecraft but I can't win so I wanna watch to win


Well it's 2020 and I just started playing minecraft

IMRANE says:

i leave you

Diskobrain Z says:

I started a really long time ago on bedrock I’m getting Java today so that’s why I’m watching it

maia p says:

ive been playing creative since i was 4 i wanna play survival but im scared of minecraft spiders lmfao im 16

Aliyah Gail says:

yall it's near 2021 and I'm just tryin to learn here now?

Kody Douk says:

Im not a beginner I’ve been playing Minecraft for 5 years and still suck the only time I’ve beaten the endear dragon is in creative mode

Ivette Rivera says:

I just got to today and it is saying reader screen what did it mean?

Liam Horn says:

I hate my iPad because I wanted to say fun but it said fin

Liam Horn says:

I watched this for fin

Sparky Drawz says:

Ty so much… when I tried for the first time I didn’t know how to move,? after that I couldn’t figure out how to break stuff… so thus helped a lot

Lucca Sanchez says:

I've known what minecraft for years but never played it

Cappuccino .C says:

i was never able to play because i didnt have the money but i finally got a friend who was just like: "tf, you don't have minecraft? i wanna play together, here's 20 bucks" T0T

dead channel that just watches and comments says:

who else here has been playing for like 8 years but is still a noob

you searched for this video

jaxen lippmann says:

My brother's teaching me Minecraft

Gacha_nuggets NUGGET says:

Lol i love it how it says for newbies i feel so welcome !!:>

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