50+ Minecraft Furniture ideas!

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Hey guys I put together as many minecraft furniture interior decorations as I could and have used throughout my building career. I probably forgot a bunch, but here are over 50 of them.

I used a variety of scale and design for each segment. I cover chairs, tables, storage and beds.

If you have any that you came up with be sure to tweet them at me so I can learn from you just as much as you learn from me! 🙂

Chances as you have seen all of these or none of these designs! I don’t really mind, I simply hope that these will spark some form of creative spark in you and hopefully you see something that will fit in your own minecraft house.

Thank you to the wynncraft build team for some of their ideas too.

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Page Turner says:

4:09 "…Minecraft people are quite short."
Minecraft people who are almost two meters tall: Am I a joke to you?

catkid101 says:

Is it just me or is the audio off a little bit to the video

geetamrutha narayana says:

ur furnitures bad

Alan Cimma says:

"Minecraft people are quite short"

You know that a block is 1 meter by 1 meter… right?

ALPHA says:

I will build some of those in my Minecraft house

Ishmael105 says:

Is this IKEA

Ishmael105 says:

Or you could get mod

Twisty Mint says:

I am probably a better furniture designer than grian

Maia’s Adventures! * says:

i didnt see anyone of these before so cool ty for teaching me!

Pusheen plays Random says:

Haha c lantern

Aaron Whisman says:

This is mostly for humans I'm looking for animal stuff;-;

Violet says:

5 years, damn

sandersdianed says:

2020’this is not as good any more:(

Mohammed abdullah says:

After the third sofa al those are new to me!! But first ones I know

AtharCalief YT says:

We need a Build School Exam

FireFidget 5 says:

he sound like a child now

Unicorn Pony2127 says:

Omg grain I love you you are amazing!

Stoperrie 456 says:

I i
K kreated
E eenfinite
A armchairs

I kreated eenfinite armchairs

Wolfy Donut says:

I'm gonna try to get all of these things in books

Hernandez Family says:

You are so coool

AR Sank says:

Try to make a volcano in Minecraft.
And subscribe ar sank

MR taco says:

He came a long way and I am proud

Puppy Dog 1909 says:

Grain if you make a bed frame and put well on the two pieces of red on the bed you can actually sleep in it look like you’re under the covers

It was the coolest thing ever

vipul rupareliya says:

i realy cannot tell were you placed slabs and stairs and blocks make you builds less detailed please

Karlie Stawin says:

Welcome to minecraft ikea or idea

Chairs: 0:36
Tables: 2:28
Storage: 4:26
Beds: 7:16

Yuri Shin Cabacungan says:

I like the red sandstone one

Christie Nelson says:

Who else is watching this in 2020

Isabelle Griffin says:

? ??

Please help me to get 100 subscribers says:

6 mil subs well played

Ben says:

I remember when end rods had a purple base.

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