DIY Xbox One

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DIY American Girl Xbox One. This American Girl Xbox is a simple and fun craft. You now have an Xbox One to put in your dollhouse.

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Aoife Kocikowska says:

I only watched this because I saw a roblox character on the roblox screen

Bella Grace says:

I make your crafts all the time every day

Coco Barnett says:

a pc and a tv

14_Johannes Goh Jun Le says:

Mincraft is my fave game i always play on my XBOX 1x

Людмила Спичкина says:

Я один русский

Reese Labinski says:

.me too can you do a how to make some glasses for the doll

Fluffy Unicorn says:

Can I get one

monaliza Shabazz says:

I like your videos make more plz

A T says:

Can you make a play station 3 and 4

Unicorn Girl says:

Can you pls make a modern tv??

ThatIsabelle says:

This is just a cheap way to make the console in the stores!

Emma The Dino says:

I don’t have and brads or sticker dots so I’m just going to use black craft foam

Nikki Velazquez says:

I just finished the console. Time to work on the controllers! Then I'll need to craft a TV!

Tee Shark says:

Can you please make a diy panda pillows

Girrard Ampy says:

Diy a hotel

Georgiann Lopez says:

Can you please make a nintendo switch or wii?

civilisedcat 999 says:

Can u do a camera

civilisedcat 999 says:

This one it really cool

Sharon VanderWal says:

where are the printibles i cant find them any where on the website

taylor giaquinta says:

Thank you for helping me making thing for my daughter doll

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