DIY MINI PAPER BUNK BED / DIY Doll Bunk Bed / Paper Crafts For School / Paper Craft / Mini Furniture

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Bunk Bed And Bedding Making Using Paper – Origami bunk bed – Paper Crafts For kids – bunk bed Paper Craft – Paper bunk bed 3d / paper furniture for doll / paper ladder bed / paper bunker bed / origami bunker bed
3D Origami bunk bed – How To Make 3d Origami bunk bed

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Minati Biswas says:

Amazing craft

Poonam Kabra says:

Plz tell the materials that u use

dhikshith_ rana says:

when i make it is too small

dhikshith_ rana says:

when i tooo small


Very nice bunk bed

Kashish Pacheria says:

the fencing around the second bed should be stuck or just insert in the gap

Kashish Pacheria says:

its awesome

Queralt Salgado says:

Es Muy complicado haver-lo de ostra manera para que lo puedan hacer niños

vishal uppal says:

It is amazing but how to make pillow??

Akshaja Playz says:

Super craft

juvairiya shahul says:

Love it super ❤️❤️??????

Uma Sriumakanth says:

Very nice ??????????

Julekha Khatoon says:

So cute baby bad write ?☺️

md abdullah says:

তর। মায়েরে আমি সাথেআমিxexকরি

Ganesh Murmu says:

Are you indian

Ekta Goyal says:

wooooooooow !

mira ng says:

Wow so nice

Geetha M says:

Very simple thanks

Rijina Shaji says:

Super craft.??But how do make pillow???

Zeeshan Khan says:

Ap bahut smart video banahin hai

Zeeshan Khan says:

Ap ka video hum ko bahut acha laga

Draw and Crafts with me says:

Very helpful for me.
Thank you for making this video.

Naima Malika says:

Verry simple, thanks

Manisha Gonnade says:

Amazing craft njan try cheythu varkoutauin supper ????

bathina nageswara rao says:

Tonni I will do this niw

Sushama Rajurkar says:

It is so cool right

Fire Water Music says:


Sree Renjini says:

Nice ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


You are a genius

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