[DIY] How To Make Minecraft School Supplies | 3 Ideas For Back To School Crafts

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The process of making Minecraft back to school design DIY can be fun! Today we have prepared for you 3 creative ideas on how to transform ordinary school supplies! Turn a regular lunch box, simple backpack, or plain pencil case into a Minecraft story with Artistro paint markers. Your child, as well as his classmates, will be delighted with these Back To School DIY supplies!

0:11 Zombie lunch box ?
2:23 Creeper pencil case ?
3:17 How to activate Artistro paint pens https://youtu.be/B9SFSxa-Zgw
3:27 Drawing Creeper’s face
5:00 Ocelot backpack ?

Instructions on how to make a Creeper pencil box: https://artistro.com/blogs/news/how-to-make-minecraft-creeper-pencil-box

Сolor schemes downloadable PDF ⬇️: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TXkuBNGVr1MfPrWte8zwhd6kcqUwpziz/view?usp=sharing
These color schemes are universal, you can stretch them out to the desired size!

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Инга Гененко says:

Great idea to my son. Do I need to fix it with something after painting?

Anna Korkos says:

Now I know how to customize my daughter's lunch box! Thanks Artistro

Настя Безбородова says:

hmmm…. can I do the same thing with my daughter's phone case?

Michael K. says:

Wonderful tutorial!

Yuliya Paskal says:

That looks amazing!

Kateryna Smetanina says:

Cool! Can such things be washed?

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