The Dark Portal ? Epic DIY Halloween Prop Build

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Jaimie and Jay build an EPIC Dark Portal, a gateway to the beyond! Crossing our fingers that no demons escape…but hey, it’s 2020, anything could happen.


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Last year we had an idea for an EPIC DIY Halloween prop….a gateway to the underworld! We spent all year thinking of how to make this insanely awesome halloween prop and we finally did it! The Dark Portal is a classic element from the Warcraft universe and we used that as part of our inspiration for this halloween prop. There are also some other video game elements in this build…the runic carvings aren’t from Warcraft, but another epic game that we love. Can you figure out what they say? ?

How does the Dark Portal work?
It’s built entirely from XPS foam and paint, with LEDs on the inside to make the runes glow. We used a semi-transparent material on the back and then did a rear projection of a hellish VFX scene, etc. to create the interior of the portal. During the day, the fabric is taken down and then at night we project the hellscape.

We’ve made a lot of awesome DIY Halloween Props but this one is on another level, it’s absolutely EPIC. It’s a great addition to our Halloween Yard Haunt, and we’re SUPER excited for the kids trick-or-treating in the neighborhood to check it out! There’s also the added benefit of being able to travel to other dimensions and worlds from our front yard. That’s pretty good too.

2″ Insulation Foam Board
Acrylic Paints (Black, White, Brown, Green, Etc.) –
Gorilla Glue –
Drylock Masonry Sealer (Gray, if you can find it.) –
LEDs –
Semi-Transparent Fabric –
Projector –
Concrete –
Blue Tape –
1″ PVC

Utility Knife –
Heat Gun –
Paint Brushes –
Surform Tool –
Rotary Tool –
Sharpie/Marker –
Spray Bottle –
Router –
Drill –
Rasps & Files –

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Who are we?
We’re Jaimie and Jay! We’re a husband and wife team and we make stuff together. Halloween and other awesome props, woodworking, electronics, and whatever we want. We also stream on Twitch!



Wicked Makers says:

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Disney Props Shop says:

The font of your channel is the exact same as Wicked the Musical

Kerri Gilpin Percy says:

Super cool! Well done!

Mick Movier says:

Wow..this is really cool, though considering most people don't have major table saws laying around or such ! Lol

DOA knife says:

If I was going to do big pieces of foam like that I do strop sticks not toothpicks

Eveningkiss says:

If you LIGHTLY use Acetone it will melt the foam and make it look really beaten up use a gentle hand

Troll and Error says:

Nice work! By the way, you guys got mentioned on Evan & Katelyn's twitch stream on Friday: (I think it was this one, but it might be the earlier one with the face paint)

Richard Hunt says:

Love it!!! Please make stuff for Halloween through the year!! I’m in the U.K. and am trying to up my Halloween game, could do with as much help as possible from my American cousins. ?

Steve Martin says:

Weird question, but I have a real bad (phobia maybe?) to the sound of foam, even the touch of some. Does is sound like foam after seal and paint? Thank you

sle2470 says:

I used to do builds like you…then I took an arrow in the knee.

Trish Leet says:

THAT WAS WICKED COOL! Now I wonder if that is a one way or two way portal? And now I want to make one, Morrowind style…..

OED Kaldmit says:

Video game: Skyrim
Runes: ked wiii
Translation: N/A

Tank Phillips says:

Where did you guys get your videos from for the video effects. AtmosFX??

SDLViPER says:

Going to be having it look like my mud monsters just came through it

isettech says:

For hotspots elimination, it is common to put the LED strips on the front instead of the back. Paint the back white and use very little diffuser. This lit channel will provide a good even glow. Great build though.

Thomas Matthews says:

My all time favorite game Skyrim!!!

spooky reviews & DIYS says:

Wow looks awesome. Might make this one day for my room. Hope you all had a good halloween

Robert Stalnaker says:

Did u use a special glue? Thx

andyt1313 says:

All I can say is…wow! ?

tron3entertainment says:

Easily the coolest Halloween concept prop I have seen any year, let alone 2020. You can expect to be copied by manufacturers.

Everything Metal Detecting says:

Ok so I'm 61 years old and I want to live at your house.
Mull it over… (You can tell I'm 61 with that phrase) talk about it and let me know what you think.
I have a dog..package deal.

ramiro flores says:

Fantastic!!!!! do you guys sell the projection?

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